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Child Nutrition

Gift your Child Health & Happiness Through Our Child Nutrition Program

Is your child picky and fussy about food during meal times? Well, you are not alone as this is a common sight in every household. As parents, we are always concerned about providing our kids with a balanced diet that consists of necessary nutrients for total nourishment. Moreover, with our education system being so demanding about ‘all-round development’, children need good nutrition through healthy foods to cope up with their daily requirements. Hence, adequate child nutrition is necessary for proper physical growth, cognitive development and a disease-free childhood.

Vitazia, an initiative by Shweta Nagar, offers complete wellness programs that focus on overall wellness in general, and child-nutrition in particular.

Benefits of Nutritious Foods for Kids

Despite our children’s liking for junk food – it lacks nutrition and affects their health adversely, hence, we should inculcate healthy eating habits in them for the following reasons:

Proper Brain Development

Studies have shown that the right food, for a growing child is directly linked to their academic progress in the years to come. Adequate intake of nutrients enhances brain development and cognitive skills in kids right from their childhood. In contrast, deficiency of nutrients like iodine and iron may impair proper brain development and delay motor development in children.

Proper Physical Growth

It is important to give your child wholesome nutrition right from childhood. Hence, a child should receive a power-packed supply of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates on a daily basis. Most importantly, feed your children with a healthy breakfast – the first meal of the day – to fuel their body with the required energy to run through the day.

Healthy Childhood

Child nutrition is one of the major reasons for healthcare issues in adulthood. Illnesses like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and psychological disorders like depression and anxiety are often the result of unhealthy eating habits or nutritional deficiencies since childhood. In order to enjoy a healthy and fit life, it is highly crucial to focus on nutritional requirements right from childhood.

Why Choose Vitazia?

Vitazia wellness provides customized health solutions for weight-loss management, child nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, et al. With its expertise in catering to kids’ food and nutritional needs, Vitazia has become a favorite among many doting mothers owing to its online accessibility and quick response.

If you too are willing to opt for a healthy and happy childhood for your ward, download the app TODAY!