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The weather outside is quite gloomy and cloudy; the rains seem to have set on a sudden occurrence and has been a hassle to follow our workout routine.

However, we have come up with list of effective and fun cardio exercises that you can do at home when stepping out is not possible. Find this comprehensive list of exercises that you can do at home:

  • Skipping (3 sets of 50 counts)

Skipping/jumping jack is hands down the best cardio exercise. It is an extremely mobile exercise that you can do anywhere and requires very little space. It will reduce your whole body fat and it will show effective results for weight loss with a balanced diet. If done regularly, it increases concentration, flexibility, heart and mental health. Another benefit is, it’s very inexpensive and doesn’t require any fancy equipment.

  • Reverse Crunches (2 sets of 20 count)

This is a floor exercise which will specifically help you burn calories around your hip and upper thigh region. It is also a great abdomen workout. Ensure that you use a yoga mat while doing these, for a proper posture and comfort.

  • Mountain climbers (3 sets of 30 counts)

Another great exercise to add to your workout routine; you’ll alternate bringing one knee to your chest, and then back out again. Start slow, and then gradually pick up pace. Doing this exercise, it will help to build cardio endurance, core strength and agility. It’s a total body workout with just one exercise.

  • Spot Marching/jogging(3 sets of 2 minutes)

 Jogging in a place can be a convenient and simple alternative to help you burn calories. It is a very effective cardio workout that can help you lose weight and burn belly fat. This exercise is very simple and can be done anywhere and anytime. Do 3 sets of 2 minutes with 10-15 sec break in between each.

  • Suryanamaskar (10 sets)

It is one of the most basic, yet most effective forms of yoga which stimulates your whole body and is practiced as a prayer of gratitude towards the sun. Moreover, it is perfect for those who are looking to perform an intense workout in a small amount of time. It is recommended to perform 10 sets of suryanamaskar daily for healthy health. As there are various poses in it, it has many benefits which includes, make your body more increased flexibility, weight loss, glowing skin, maintains blood sugar level, boosts digestive system, increases your emotional stability and mental health, regulates menstrual cycle, detoxifies your body and improves bone health.

End your workout session with a few deep breathes and mindful of gratitude. You can add other floor exercises, and yoga poses to this routine. You can also try Zumba, or aerobics if you are into dancing. To wrap up the article, we just want to tell you that you will find millions of excuses for not doing your excuses, but fine ONE reason to do it, and that will be enough to push you out of the bed!