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About Us

About Vitazia Wellness

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding a disease or fighting it”

The brainchild of Dt. Shweta Nagar, Vitazia was established in the year 2016 after careful research, and years of experience. The brand tries to educate people about the transformative touch of food, and how it can heal the body without complications. Vitazia attempts to edify people about the fact that weight management isn’t rocket science! It is just about being dedicated and following the right kind of food plan.

Vitazia functions on one very important proverb “Every time you eat something, you are either feeding a disease or fighting it!”
Following the ancient history and value of food – which is said to have healing powers, Shweta makes the most of all the naturally available food items and transforms them into remedies for your health problems.

After thorough research of more than a decade Dt. Shweta Nagar has designed the ultimate diet plan. Vitazia has introduced diet plans based on individual Biological Clocks – which allows for greater customization and better results. ABT or Acceptance based Behavioral Therapy is another very important factor that Vitazia looks into while creating a diet plan – which essentially guides us towards creating a body-positive image, before embarking on your weight loss journey.


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Our Mission

To educate society about the right nutrition and diet concepts while helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Our Vision

We strive to reduce the pain caused due to malnutrition.

Our History

We have been making our clients independent as far as following healthy eating habits and lifestyle management are concerned.

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